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Celebrating our new website with a 10% discount!

It's not a trick, our website just got a lot better. Just like that, for free. Because we like you.

Discover some new awesome functions, such as:

Sort by: Name A-Z, Price High-Low

Set your price range: From 0 - 100€ and keep it all within your budget! (Or discover our most expensive plants!)

Filter by: Miniatures only, Popular Genera, Temperature

To show us your love even more and because we're just so excited to show off all our new color schemes and tools, we're offering you a 10% discount on all purchases.

Apply the SUMMERDISC10 (all in UPPERCASE) coupon code when purchasing through our webshop and get your discount applied directly at checkout! (valid from 29.08.2017 until 08.09.2017)

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