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Dusk Tropic

New! Hygrolon 3D

Hygrolon 3D is moldable version of the already well-known Hygrolon fabric. It is available in sheets and tubes.

Watch the video to see how to use it!



Dusk Tropic products almost need no introduction in the orchid and terrarium world. From synthetic sphagnum moss to complete nanovivariums, these products are unique, sustainable and easy to use when growing orchids, mosses, tropical plants and decorating your paludarium, vivarium or terrarium. 

EpiWeb is an eco-friendly substitute for tree fern. It holds droplets of water, is made from 100% recycled plastic and never decays.

Hygrolon is a unique material that absorbs and holds up to 280% of water, acting as a wick for up to  30 cm high.


Synthic is a synthetic substitute for sphagnum moss, it's antiseptic, doesn't decay and can be reused after being rinsed.

The D'Orb

The D'Orb is a new concept of nanovivarium, an ideal way of growing your miniature orchids indoors.

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