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Warming up to our latest locations

We're getting really low now, with our hotel sitting at a bare 400m high. It's hot and dry. Although we are enjoying a bit of sun finally, we had our doubts about finding as many orchids out here than previously. But this change of scenery not only brings orchids, but other advantages as well.

Day 16 - Road from Mendez to Macas

First, this one only covers half a day as we decided to take half a day off at the pool. We are terrible people yes, how dare we take a break from orchids...

As stated above, we had our doubts going to the location this morning. It looks hot and dry, not to our liking at all. But a 2 min walk into the forest from our first stop, we discovered quite a lot, such as this Epistephium sp.

Lo and behold, another known miniature! Dryadella portillae sitting on a twig.

Weird-looking, this Maxillaria sp. looks like an Ornithocephalus from afar.

Being a guide for over 20 years, you would think nothing surprises him anymore...and yet! First time for him, this Vanilla pompona is rarely seen in bloom. Judging by the size of the plant, we understand why!

This cute little Maxillaria parviflora is right up our alley, loving it!

And even more Maxillaria sp. around here, seems like they're enjoying this climate.

Not an orchid and not easy to spot, what an awesomely weird little creature!

Here's an Epidendrum sp. for a change, what a big lip.

The place was filled with Pleurothallis ruscifolia in bloom, a true spectacle.

And some more Pleurothallis species, among which Pleurothallis niveoglobula.

Also enjoying this climate is this very elegant Mormolyca gracilipes

How nice, a warm-growing miniature Cryptocentrum sp.!

Another non-orchid picture: a leaf-cutter ant carrying another ant...