Dusk EpiPaste

Dusk EpiPaste

EpiPaste is a sterile blend of coco fiber, Plantago ovata husk and Sphagnum fiber. Together with a plant based glue it makes a waterproof surface after drying. The surface is easily moisturized and makes a good base for small plants and mosses.

EpiPaste bonds to wood, stone, metal, cork, concrete, Styrofoam, PU-foam, glass and most plastic.

EpiPaste is pH-neutral, 100% non toxic, low salinity and has a slow degradation.

Area of use: Terrarium backgrounds, green wall projects, merging materials, bottom surfaces and other surfaces intended for growing plants etc.


Instructions for use:

  • Put the dry mixture in a heat resistant bowl.

  • Make sure the mixture is well blended

  • Pour 0,5 liter boiling water on the mixture while stirring

  • Let the paste cool off to room temperature before use.

  • Apply EpiPaste to desired area and let it air dry.
    Note! Thicker layers will increase the drying time.

  • Remaining paste can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge up to 2 weeks.


Shipped in bags of 140grams.


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