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Miniature orchids spotted in Costa Rica!

And we got lucky, this is the smallest one we've seen so far and it was along a trail at the back of our hotel!

So what have we been up to the last couple of days?

Day 6: visit to La Selva biological station - birding tour!

We're not really into birding per se, but all the other people in the group were and the guide was as well, so birding tour it became...and it was an interesting experience! The guide was very enthousiastic about everything we saw (and oh boy did we see some nice things there!) and was so kind to let us take pictures with my smartphone using his lens.

So, Samsung galaxy s6 edge & Swarovski lens, meet...Rufous-winged woodpecker!

It doesn't get much clearer than that now does it? :)

Further on, we met the notorious Bullet ant, a monster of an ant, its bite is said to be twice as nasty as a wasps and hurts for 4 hours! So when in Costa Rica, don't grab any trees without looking.

And of course...a few orchids here and there, such as this one.

And for the grand finale of this tour...the White tent bat! These little fellahs are so adorable and hide in plain sight, using soft leaves like this Calathea plant to make their nests. Look for those longitudinal cuts along the leaves to spot their nests! (Second picture)

Day 7: Lazy day off! Swimming in the pool and watching the Basilisks bathe in the sun

Day 8: Visit to Tirimbina Rainforest Center - guided tour followed by a self-guided tour

So now we got to see quite a few orchids, interstingly though we only found them on fallen branches from much higher up! Scaphyglottis, Pleurothallis, Barbosella, Gongora, Octomeria, you name it! Nothing in bloom though and most picture were taken with the camera, so not much to share here sorry guys!

Can you see both orchids in this picture?

So it's back to the hotel for us, and while walking along the riverside, we met those majestic Oropopo or Spectacled owls, watching us pass by but not too worried either :)

And during our daily night walk along the hotel, we decided to have a proper goodbye with our Smokey jungle frog!

Yes, that's Davina petting a giant frog, and it wasn't even bothered to move when we touched it, definitely the coolest frog we've seen so far :)

Day 9: Nothing to do except wait for our transport to La Fortuna - Arenal!

See you soon guys!

¡Pura vida!

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