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Our last post live from Costa Rica - almost time to go home!

It's almost time to say our goodbyes to Costa Rica, but not before sharing some last pictures and stories from our tours here. (The picture above is our buddy Diego the black iguana by the way, he's pretty cool :))

Day 15: Coffee tour in Monteverde, hike around the hotel and another night walk

Nothing to share from the coffee tour really, but we were lucky enough to spot a White-nosed Coati at the hotel just before we left, minding his own business!

It's the first time we saw one clearly and from up close, another one to scratch from the list.

After the coffee tour, we followed a trail around the hotel and were happy to find some recently fallen trees and branches, with a couple of new orchids we hadn't seen before.

This Platystele oxyglossa for example:

And sitting right next to it, we think a Pleurothallis tonduzii:

Further along the trail, we found a branch packed with this Muscarella sp. We had to resist the temptation to take one home :)

Actually, while posting this picture I noticed this Lepanthes looking plant on the left bottom, didn't see that one originally when we were actually holding the branch...funny.

We went to the restaurant for a quick dinner, where we met up with our guide for our night walk. It was raining moderately (for Costa Rica) during our walk, so we didn't get to see mammals, but quite a few insects and frogs and other unnatural-looking animals, such as this beautiful leech:

And this tiny frog, nameless but beautiful!